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Boxer Gifts - Meet the TeamBoxer Gifts - Meet the Team

Meet Our Team


Behind every wild and unique wholesale product, is a passionate and innovative team who make your novelty gift dreams a reality! From sales to design, marketing to warehouse, meet the faces behind the fun!


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Our Quest


We are designers, innovators, creators, and manufacturers of unique and original giftwares. We want all gifts to create an impact. Gifts should be fun wild, quirky, interesting and above all, better than before!


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Trade Shows


We take the fun on tour around the world. Our Purveyors of Fun will be on hand to ensure a restful stop at the Boxer stand. Tea, coffee and dependent on the hour something stronger! Don’t miss the next best thing!


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Fun Gifts, Wild Gifts, Quirky Gifts and Above All Fun!


Welcome to the fun club! Here at Boxer Gifts, we are designers, innovators, manufacturers, and suppliers of unique, fun and quality wholesale gift items. Whether its celebration ranges, fun novelties, great homewares, toys and games or gift books, we have the perfect gift for everyone!


Our mission is to make gifting great again. We will provide the best new, innovative and fun wholesale gifts for our customers, and your gift shop customers, to enjoy. We want our products to produce smiles, laughs and create memories. Suppliers of the UK gift trade since 1982, we are crusaders on a quest to Slay the Mundane and we promise to stay that way. Join us in our mission. You won’t be disappointed – After all, Fun Is Our Business!