Self-Defense For the Unprepared

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Go from softie to sensei with our hilarious tongue-in-cheek self defence book! Self-Defense for the Unprepared is the perfect handbook for people unprepared for the outside world. With 128 pages filled with scenarios, training exercises, potential weapons and moves, you can go from novice to ninja in just a few simple steps! Soon, you will be able to take on the outside world with no problem...bring it on! This hilarious book is packed within a quality graphic hardback cover, making it a hilarious novelty gift book for friends and family!

HOI-YAH! - This hilarious tongue-in-cheek Self Defense For the Unprepared gift book is full of all of the tips, tricks, poses, weapons, jokes and Kung-Fu's and …Kung Font's… you would need to survive the world as a wimp!

TOUGHEN UP BUTTERCUP - With poses such as the 'Sneak Attack' and 'Pow Pow THWACK', an armoury consisting of Lego and banana peels, and ways to train up your kung-fu defence skills in your everyday life, you will soon ready to take on the world!

QUALITY HARDBACK COVER - This hilarious 128 page book is perfectly presented in a quality hardback cover with spot-UV detailing, meaning it looks great on any bookshelf!

HILARIOUS NOVELTY GIFT BOOK FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY - This funny tongue-in-cheek self defence book is the perfect gift for friends and family who need help to prepare for the 'real world'!

  • Depth : 0.50 inches
  • Height : 8.25 inches
  • Width : 6.50 inches
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