Rude Limericks - A Collection of Dirty and Offensive Rhymes

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Rude Limericks - A Collection of Dirty and Offensive Rhymes is available to buy in increments of 6
Men from Nantucket, ladies from South Carolina, psychics called Marge... what is it with all of these people?! This hilarious Rude Limericks is filled with fun and shocking takes on classic dirty limericks, and brand new equally wild rhymes sure to make you blush!

Filled with 96 pages of dirty limericks and NSFW rhymes, all paired with fun illustrations within a quality old-style hardback book, this inappropriate book of rhymes is the perfect parody book for friends with dark humor!

Perfect as a NSFW white elephant gift for a co-worker, or hilariously cheeky birthday gift for him, this book is sure to make people laugh, if they can handle it of course! BE WARNED - THIS BOOK IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!

THERE ONCE WAS A MAN FROM NANTUCKET - This hilarious dirty book is not for the faint hearted, and filled with wild, crazy and hilarious rhymes that are sure to make you blush!

HOT AND BOTHERED - Get dirty with this comedy book of rhymes and limericks that are definitely NSFW, with this hilarious inappropriate childrens book for adults!

FUNNY BOOK FOR HIM OR HER - This book of dirty limericks is a hilarious inappropriate gift book for friends who enjoy dark humor, and is sure to give them a bad case of the giggles!

ADD TO THE COLLECTION - Filled with 144 pages of hilarious, crazy, dirty and cheeky rhymes and illustrations, this is a great naughty addition to any 18+ book shelf!

HILARIOUS COMEDY BOOK - An addition to our adult nursery rhymes book, , this is a fun white elephant gift for co-workers, or a hilarious adult birthday gift for him or Christmas gift for her!

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  • Height : 0.50 inches
  • Width : 5.25 inches
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