Professional Insults

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Are you tired of holding back your true thoughts at work? Or do you struggle to decode snarky remarks from your co-workers? Don't worry, Professional Insults comes to the rescue! With 50 pages of clever jabs and witty, workplace approved comebacks, you'll finally have the perfect way to express yourself without raising any red flags with HR.
This fun flip book is the ultimate decoder for those who want to cut through the corporate jargon and understand what people really mean. So, let your inner snark fly and express yourself like never before, all while staying on the company's good side.
So if you’re looking for white elephant gifts for men, christmas gifts for him, or unusual ways to add some daring desk decor to your office space, Get ready to add some spice to your workplace banter!

HR APPROVED INSULTS - This workplace flipbook allows you to see through the professional jargon and express what you really feel, whilst still staying in the company's good books.

JUST CHECKING IN - From implying stupidity to blowing your lid, Professional Insults can help you to translate fireable phrases into perfectly professional put-downs!

THE PERFECT DESK ACCESSORY - This gift book makes the perfect desk accessory gift for friends, bosses and co-workers, with quick-witted comebacks at your fingertips!

50 QUICK COMEBACKS - From passive aggressive to downright rude, this hardback gift is freestanding on your desk, and features 50 pages with something for every mood!

GREAT GIFT FOR CO-WORKERS - If you're looking for white elephant gifts for co-workers, fun gifts for him or stocking filler gifts for friends, Professional Insults will put a smile on anyone's face!

  • Depth : 0.75 inches
  • Height : 5.50 inches
  • Width : 9.75 inches
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