Pooping Unicorn

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Pooping Unicorn is available to buy in increments of 12
Unicorns are symbolic of magic, miracles and jelly beans! Push down his rainbow tail and he'll return the favour by dropping a colorful sweet deposit into your hand. Don't feel too repulsed though, as it's actually a sweet chewy jelly bean! Once you've enjoyed the original poops delivered by this unicorn candy dispenser, you can simply unscrew its head and refill it with your own jelly beans and enjoy the pellet producing fun over and over. An excellent novelty gift for unicorn lovers of all ages!

Great Gift for Unicorn Lovers! - Whether It's For a Birthday Or Christmas Stocking Stuffer, This Awesome Pooping Unicorn Makes The Perfect Gift For Any Unicorn Loving Girl!

Poops Out Delicious Jelly Beans! - Easy To Refill, This Magical Pooping Unicorn Can Poop Delicious Jelly Bean Candy Over And Over Again! Just Press The Tail And Watch Them Shoot Out!

Comes In Amazing Packaging! - This Magical Unicorn Arrives In Colorful, Fun Packaging Making It An Amazing Children's Gift!

  • Depth : 6.75 inches
  • Height : 7.50 inches
  • Width : 1.50 inches
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