Little Book of Big Old Balls

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Ever want to put your enormous balls to use, but find yourself stuck for inspiration? This hilarious Little Book of Big Old Balls is packed full of illustrations and scenarios where your colossal cojones could come in handy! From gym punching bag balls and disco balls to surfing board balls, the possibilities are endless!
With 112 pages filled with quality, colorful cartoon illustrations set to inspire, all within a quality hardback cover, these uses for balls are guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Perfect as a fun anniversary gift for him, a birthday gift for friends or a hilarious white elephant christmas gift for a coworker, this Little Book of Big Balls is the perfect gag gift on any occasion!

GET INSPIRED - Our Little Book of Big Old Balls is packed full with illustrations showing hilarious and wildly creative ways you could put some enormous nuts to use!

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES - From using balls as a lilo for the pool, New Year's Eve balls, gym punching bag balls, to out-of-this-world planet cojones, this hilarious graphic book is sure to inspire!

HILARIOUS GIFT FOR HIM - If looking for fun anniversary gifts for him, boyfriend gifts for a birthday, or a silly white elephant gift for a coworker at christmas, this is sure to make him smile!

ENDLESS CREATIVE USES - With 112 pages packed full of wild, wacky, and hilariously creative uses for giant nuts, this fun gag gift book for him will make him smile!

QUALITY ILLUSTRATIONS - This gift joke book is filled with hilarious, colorful illustrations of the inspirational ideas, all within a gorgeous quality hardback cover, perfect for gifting!

  • Depth : 5.50 inches
  • Height : 0.50 inches
  • Width : 5.50 inches
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