Filthy Minded

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Filthy Minded is available to buy in increments of 12
Are you filthy minded? With our hilarious Filthy Minded adult card game, you and your friends will put to the test just how warped you are! Containing 52 hilarious object cards, you need to do your best and describe the wild, wacky, NSFW objects WITHOUT saying the words on the cards! Remember - those are the only words off limits - how well can you articulate these hilariously awful objects?

Say goodbye to boring old charades and other party games, and bring some fun with this hilarious adult game! From a wonky boob job to clubbing seals, a sticky pickle to a gimp on a blind date, how well can you describe these crazy cards to other players, and win yourselves a point?

Happy guessing, you bunch of wrong'uns!

IN A (STICKY) PICKLE - Work your way through 52 hilarious large-format cards and describe the hilariously random objects without saying the words on the card in under 30 seconds!

HILARIOUS GIFT FOR FRIENDS - This funny party card game is a crazy, weird and wonderful gift for friends as an adult game to play on your next drinking games night!

ARTICULATE YOUR ANSWER - This hilarious adult card game is perfectly packaged and portable, and is a great stocking stuffer gift to take on holiday or bring at Christmas!

HILARIOUS ILLUSTRATIONS - With 52 wild, wacky and weird objects to articulate, all paired with crazy illustrations to help, these fun cards are sure to put a smile on your face!

FUN ADULT GAME - This hilarious card game is a funny group activity for games night, and is perfect for spicing up an evening - say goodbye to boring charades and hello to Filthy Minded!

  • Depth : 3.50 inches
  • Height : 5.75 inches
  • Width : 0.75 inches
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