Biggest Loser

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Biggest Loser is available to buy in increments of 6
Being a loser has never felt so good! Answer questions with the most obvious answer to lose the most points and race to zero to get the title of the biggest loser, and win!
Each player gets a whiteboard card and marker. The shuffled question cards are placed face down and people take turns to read them out. Players answer the question on their reusable whiteboard cards. The most obvious answer deducts the most points, so think obvious to be the biggest loser! Incorrect answers lose nothing!
The game continues as players race to reach zero to be crowned the biggest loser of them all!

6 x Whiteboard Answer Cards
6 x Whiteboard Markers
1 x Scoring Notepad
18 x Playing Cards

This game is a fun novelty gift for family and friends to prove to each other that losing is the new winning!

LETTING LOSERS SHINE! - Take turns answering questions with the most obvious answer to lose points the fastest! Be the first to get to zero to be the biggest loser and win!

THE FULL PACKAGE - This game contains 6 x Whiteboard Cards, 6 x Whiteboard Markers, 1 x Scoring Notepad and 108 Playing Cards, so has everything for a great game on the go!

AWESOME TWIST - 'Biggest Loser' is a fun and unique take on the classic pointless quiz concept, as people are competing to lose all of their points! With 108 playing cards, gameplay can be played over and over for non-stop fun!

GREAT GIFT FOR FAMILIES - This game is easy to play yet loads of fun making it the perfect game for family game nights or parties with friends!

  • Depth : 6.75 inches
  • Height : 2.00 inches
  • Width : 4.75 inches
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