Is Your Dog Spoiled

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Know someone who owns a pooch that is living the high life? Or perhaps it's you who would sooner skimp on rent than feed your dog cheap food. Find out if your dog is truly the spoiled brat you think they are! Work your way through our 52 large format cards and tally up the bones alongside the tell-tale signs tat your pooch is over-pampered! The higher the bones, the more spoiled they are! Packaged in a bright, graphic box and an engravable dog tag, this card game is great for dog owners and dogs alike! Perfect as a fun novelty gift for dog parents, this game can be played individually, or as a group to uncover who has the most spoiled dog!

HAVE A BALL! - Our How To Tell If Your Dog Is Spoiled Card Game features hilarious actions that are tell-tale sign of a pampered pup!

PAW-SOME FUN - The 52 large-format cards feature actions of a spoiled pooch…rate how often your dog does them (from never to frequently), and tally up the bones - the more bones, the more spoiled they are!

ENGRAVABLE DOG TAG - With an engravable bone-shaped dog tag included with the game, no matter how spoiled your dog can turn out to be…you can spoil them some more!

PERFECT GIFT FOR DOG OWNERS - This hilarious game is the perfect fun gag gift for dog owners on their birthday or at Christmas, and can be played individually, or as a group, to see who has the most spoiled doggy!

GIFTS FROM THE DOG - If you're looking for dog owner gifts from the dog then look no further than this paw-some game! With a fun game for the dog mum and a new tag for the dog, it's great for both!

  • Depth : 0.75 inches
  • Height : 3.50 inches
  • Width : 5.75 inches
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